Wuhan, with 3,500 years history, is one of the most ancient and civilized modern cities in China. Wuhan is worth your visit with nature, scenic spots, history background and red tourism. All you need to do is to see and enjoy.

Yangtze River Beach Park, Hankou

  Hankou Yangtze River Beach Park is a representative of Wuhan Jiangtan Parks.

Jiqing Street

  The full length of Jiqing Street is 170 meters. However, with the short distance, it is a legendary place where folk artists perform as a symbol of folk culture in Wuhan.

Walking Street, Jianghan Road

  It is a street of centuries of history, a business center, and a shopping center.

Wuhan World

  Wuhan World is the landmark of fashion in the city.

Garden Path(Hua Yuan Dao)

  Along the Garden Path, the buildings and houses are of different features.

Street of Bars on Yanjiang Avenue, Hankou

  The street lies at the former concession. Every evening, it becomes the brightest and busiest street.

Chu River Han Street

  Chu River is 2.2 kilometerslong, connects the East Lake and Canal of the Sand Lake.

Hubu Lane

  During the late Qing Dynasty, there was a small lane named Hubu Lane because it adjoined the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China.

Guanggu Walking Street

  Walking Street in Optical Valley is a 1,350 meters long commercial street near Luxiang Plaza Shopping Center.

Hanyang Zao

  Hanyang Zao means Made of Hanyang. It is an art center of cultural and creative industries.