Wuhan, with 3,500 years history, is one of the most ancient and civilized modern cities in China. Wuhan is worth your visit with nature, scenic spots, history background and red tourism. All you need to do is to see and enjoy.

Yellow Crane Tower

  The Yellow Crane Tower is located on the top of Snake Mountain of Wuchang District. It is famous for history and magnificence.

Wuhan University

  Wuhan University is located on the Luojia Mountain and next to the East Lake, it is a national key university and also famed as the the most beautiful university in China for decades.

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

  As the first bridge over the Yangtze River in China, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge lies across the Yangtze River, connecting Turtle Mountain in Han Yang and Snake Mountain in Wuchang.

Hankou Riverside

  Hankou Riverside Park covers from Wuhan Passenger Ferry Port to Danshuichi Houhu Shipyard, with an overall length of 7 kilometers.

Hubei Museum

  Hubei Museum is located next to the East Lake. It is the main institution that collects, advertises and studies culture and history.

East Lake

  The East Lake is the largest lake in the city which is covering an area of 33 sq.km.

Xinhai Revolutionary Museum

  Xinhai Revolutionary Museum is located next to the Yellow Crane Tower, on the south sideof the Snake Mountain, north of Yuemachang. It is known as Red Building because of a revolution in 1911.

Qingchuan Pavilion

  Qingchuan Pavilion is also called Qingchuan Tower.

Ancient Fiddle Platform

  There is a story named Meeting Bosom Friend At High Mountain With Floating Water.

Mulan Tourism Region

  The home of Hua Mulan is in Huangpi District, which has the largest ecological tourism region.