Yellow Crane Tower

  The Yellow Crane Tower is located on the top of Snake Mountain of Wuchang District. It is famous for history and magnificence.

  According to history, this tower was built in the Three Kingdoms Period. Initially the Yellow Crane Tower was a military lookout by king Sun Quan of the Wu State.

  In the Tang and Song Dynasties, more and more poets came to visit the Yellow Crane Tower and wrote a lot of poems to praise it. They were Cui Hao, Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Lu You, Zhang Juzheng, etc.

  In 1927, Mao Zedong cited from the famous poem Bodhisattva climbing Yellow Crane Tower, which endowed the tower with new significance.The Yellow Crane Tower is named after the following legend. A long time ago, an old widow, named Madam Xin, built a thatched restaurant on the Snake Mountain. A Taoist monk often came to her restaurant for food and drinks. One day the Taoist monk had to say goodbye to her. In order to express his gratitude, he picked up a piece of orange peel and drew a yellow crane on the dilapidated wall. Then he turned to tell Madam Xin that the crane will come down from the wall and dance in front of the gate after hearing his handclap. As time went by, she earned a lot of money from the restaurant. 10 years later, the Taoist came back and the yellow crane came to him at his clapping. He jumped on the back of the yellow crane and flew into the sky.

Address: No.1, West of Snake Hill, Wuchang

Rating: Top 40 5A scenic spots of Chinese tourist resort

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