Wuhan, with 3,500 years history, is one of the most ancient and civilized modern cities in China. Wuhan is worth your visit with nature, scenic spots, history background and red tourism. All you need to do is to see and enjoy.

Huangshi Mine Park

  Huangshi Mine Park is the first national mine park in China.

Jiugong Mountain

  Jiugong Mountain is a state-level scenic spot under national conservation.

Wudang Mountain

  Wudang Mountain is a famous Taoism Mountain that combines quietness, wonder, beauty and elegance.


  Shennongjia is located at Fangxian County in western Hubei Province.

Enshi Grand Canyon

  Enshi is famous for karst landscapes.

Tenglong Cave

  Tenglong Cave is famous for mountains, water, caves and forest. It is a typical karst landscape.

Tusi City

  Tusi City is scenic spot with garden landscape and local features.

Chibi Ancient Battlefield

  Chibi Ancient Battlefield is the only remaining relic of the ancient battlefield.

Taiyi Cave

  The Taiyi Cave is Taoism culture sanctuary. The main cave is of 360 million years and more than 2,000 meters long with stalactites hang upside down.


  Gulongzhong is located in Xiangzhou, Xiangyang city, Hubei.