A happy festival, a great carnival, it was not most beautiful city name card. every profusion of tourism festival let you enjoy the most wonderful time of Wuhan.

Wuhan Chinese Rare Stone Museum

Wuhan Chinese Rare Stone Museum is located by the side of Guiyuna Temple.It’s a grand garden museum which has rich stone collections and beautiful garden construction in Hubei Province.There are over 10,000 pieces of rare stones collected form all over China and over 3,000 in exhibitions including Chrysanthemum stone, Ink stone, Taihu stone, Linbi stone.Crystal, etc.among which there are some rare and unique kinds, they could be regarded as treasures both home and abroad.

Wuhan Museum

Wuhan Museum is 300 meters long from the HanKou Railway Station. It collects abundant articles of all kinds.There exist more than 50,000 collections, more than 2000 elegant cultural relics, among them:There are the secret royal articles of Qing Dynasty, the masterpieces of the masters in the past, the ancient unearthed relics worthy of archaeological studies, and the delicately made precious items. The splendid building is designed symmetrically and combined with the oriental elegance and modem function.

Hubei Museum of Art

Hubei Museum of Art was located in shore of East Lake and adjacent to the Hubei Province Museum, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. There are ten exhibition halls, part of exhibition hall are installed activity exhibition board and activity exhibition walls, it can change a variety of different space. Hubei Art Museum has collected many Chinese paintings, oil paintings, photography and others. It also include film hall, Chinese and Western restaurant, coffee bar and other supporting service facilities.

Wuhan Science and Technology Museum

Wuhan Science and Technology Museum covers an area of 26623 square meters, with a total construction area of 15435 square meters.It is a multi-functional museum providing exhibition of popular science, scientific and technical train-ing academic exchange, teenager scientific and technical experiments, space theater, etc.

China University of Geosciences Yifu Museum

If is a Museum of Natural Sciences which is a national 4A scenic spot with the theme of the origin an d evolution of theearthand human being. It will show you the 4.6 billion years history of the earth, and 3.8 billion years history of life on the earth.

Wuchang Mao Zedong Former Residence Memorial Hall

It’s located in No.41 Dufudi Wuchang.Sit east toward west brick and wood structure,green brick and ash tiles,surrounded by firewall,area of 436 square meters,it’s a very common Jiangnan style house in late Qing dynasty,Mao Zedong’s third son was born in here.When Mao Zedong engaged in revolution in Wuhan,he had dwelled here with his wife Yang Kai-hui,and three sons.The famous article {.Investigation Report about the Farmers Revolution in Hunan was written here.

Erqi Memorial Hall

When a group of Jing Han railway workers put forward “fight for freedom, fight for human rights”, the warlords were troubled.When the butcher knife lifted, 52 martyrs fall. This day, Feb.7 1923, composed a brilliant page in China workers sports history.

Zhongshan Warship Museum

In 1938, the well-known warship Zhongshan Warship in “Wuhan defending war” was sunk the Jinkou Yangtze River by Japanese army. In 1997, it was pulled effluent and listed as the country’s largest mobile relics. In 2008, it was sunk 70 years anniversary, Zhongshan Warship come back to Jinkou and settle on a museum.