In the past 10 years, Wuhan business district vigorous development, old business district expansion upgrades and new business district constantly emerging, eventually formed eight gold business district, and several small business district all over the city.

Huangpi Clay Sculpture

In 1993, Huangpi Clay Sculpture raft Factory become the first “national tourist commodities sentinel production enterprises”, Huangpi clay sculpture become a few Chinese specialties enter the international mark cl in that lime. The friends who come form all over the world has visited Paotong Town one after another.

Wuhan Paper-cut

Wuhan paper-cut in belong to carve patterns or designs on woodwork paper-cut from craft speaking. It is mainly used scorper.

Wuhan Woodcut Boat

Wuhan wooden boat have unique style, it is a kind of decorous wood carving craft. The founder is Long Yunhua who is an old artist in Wuhan carving factory. He had followed his father learning from a child, successively carved Hubei boat, minitype Xianghe boat, Ningbo sailing boat, Hunan Pingding boat, dragon and phoenix boat, Guizhou passenger ship, grand coordinators officer boat and Chunajiang sparrow boat, etc.

Wuhan silk flower

Wuhan silk flower has more than 100 years history. Silk flower artists absorbed traditional silk flower technology and adopt north-south folk silk flower skill, making silk flower. With the efforts of several generations, has formed a local characteristics of Wuhan silk flower process.

Chu Cultural Gifts Lacquer

Archaize lacquer come from ancient Chu lacquer, it is elegant appearance, beautiful in colors and durable.Jiangling arts and handicrafts factory with Chu cultural relics for should, the copied tiger seat birds, tiger seat birds drum, sit deer, galloping horse and etc are tourist souvenirs with artistic value, tourists love it.

Wuhan Embroidery

Wuhan embroidery products fall into three categories: articles for daily use such as embroidered clothes, pillows, door curtains, edge of mosquito net, shoes, headhand, apron and pouches, mainly as dowries.The second category is ornament, including wall hangings, central scrolls, screens, pops etc. The third category includes sacrificial rituals items such as robe and Kayata etc.According to a study by Institute of Hunan Embroidery, Chu embroidery unearthed from Warring States period tomb in Jiangling, Hubei and Han embroidery unearthed from Mawangdui, a tomb of Han dynasty are the origin of the renowned Xiang embroidery.

The Yellow Crane Return Copper Carving

The copper carving with the tortoise, snake, crane three auspicious animals sculpture as the prototype, sculpture technology extremely delicate.


Zeng Houyi bells is the early cultural relics in the Warring States, in 1978, it was unearthed in Suizhou Hubei. The bian bells total 65 bells, the range across five and a half octave, twelve chromatic scale is complete. It s superb casting technique and favorable music performance, rewrite the world music, it was called “rarities”. by Chinese and foreign experts and scholars.