Delicious food is one of the most attractive features of Wuhan. As a city with highly developed transportation system, Wuhan adopts traditional cuisines from surrounding cities and keeps them in its own style.

Hot and Dry Noodle

  Hot and Dry Noodle is a traditional breakfast made of noodles with a mixture of sauces and dried vegetables.

Wuchang Fish

  Wuchang fish gets its name from the three kingdoms period.


  Wuhan people enjoy cooking and having soups.

Fish Balls

  Wuhan is a city of rivers and lakes, so it is teemed with all fishes.

Soup Dumpling

  Soup dumpling is a kind of dumpling with thin skin made of flour andvery juicy meat inside.

Noodles Soup

  The soup is made of fish soup and noodles.


  Mianwo is a kind of salty doughnut, which is thinner than common doughnut.


  Doupi is another major breakfast in Wuhan.

Jingwu Duck Neck

  Duck neck is one of the most famous food in Hubei.

Zhou Black Duck

  When you start eating, you feel light sweet first, and then spicy and hot.