Delicious food is one of the most attractive features of Wuhan. As a city with highly developed transportation system, Wuhan adopts traditional cuisines from surrounding cities and keeps them in its own style.

Cailinji Hot And Dry Noodle

Wuhan Cailinji hot and dry noodle is one of the five famous noodles in China.

Laotongcheng Doupi

Laotongcheng Doupi is one of the traditional breakfasts in Wuhan.

Sijimei Tangbao

There is Baozi (steamed stuffed bun) with savory soup in Sijimei.

Laoqianji Dousi

Dousi takes green bean and rice as raw materials.

Wufangzhai Rice Dumpling

Wufangzhai is famous for its Ning-bo-flavored Rice Dumpling.

Tianqiheng Pappy Soup

Pappy soup is made of tasty fish soup and mixed with pepper-powder and scallion.

Tanyanji Dumplings

Tanyanji Dumplings is an old and famous restaurant in Wuhan.

Xierongde Mianwo

Mianwo, shapes like a hole in the center with thick side around, is one of the famous local food in Wuhan.

Jingwu Duck Neck

Jingwu Duck Neck is absolutely the most famous food in Wuhan.