Jianghan Road Business District

Jianghan Road is definitely the heart of commercial. The 1600 meters long Jianghan pedestrain street is just like a museum. In recent years, with the development of shopping malls and chain stores, the intersection area of Jianghan road and zhongshan road became the most prosperous and fashion zone in Wuhan. There are time honored shops as well as specialty stores, boutiques and chain stores of famous domestic and international brands. The night view tour is also attractive and adorable for tourists.

Jianghan Road is the commercial center and landmark of Wuhan with its century history. Along this longest walking street in China (1550 meters), there are over 400 stores and shops. The buildings along the road are also very unique. With the mix style of the Chinese and the West, every building is totally different. 


Bus: 7, 24, 38, 45, 301, 402, 520, 533, 548, 553, 559, 581, 588, 598, 608, 622, 707, 711, 727, 801, trolly bus 2 and lightraill, Bus 401, General ticket is 2 yuan; One day pass is 5 yuan.